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Why Apprenticeship ?

Apprenticeship training refers to a course of training in industry or establishment. Apprenticeship training consists of basic training (theoretical instructions) and practical training at the actual work place.
Great start to a professional career
Employers prefer candidates with work experience more than freshers. Many job aspirants often find themselves in a situation where they lack the experience to get a job, but can’t get a job to attain the necessary experience. Apprenticeship offers a platform to earn an opening balance of experience in a desired field which can fetch a job of interest.
Earning while Learning
Apprenticeship is a powerful vehicle for improving employability, providing trainees access to practical skills and further help build a matching infrastructure which connects the youth with corporate skill requirements. It enables unemployed youth build relevant skills through `Learning by doing’ and `Learning while earning’. It also provides aspiring professionals the real world experience they need. Having skills definitely has an edge over having a qualification as employers look for capabilities to meet their hiring needs and apprenticeship will help trainees hit the ground running.
Apprenticeships a viable option instead of attending university
There is a social stigma to apprenticeship and often there is a debate on which is a better option- attending University or taking up an apprenticeship. The answer is simple –it is neither,one should invest in the option which is more suited to his/her needs. If you are unable to pursue a university education or facing financial constraints to do so, then apprenticeship is a great option. It allows you to start training in a real work environment simultaneously gaining experience and skills which can later lead to a career and potentially a full time job upon completion.
Gain practical training and relevant experience
Apprenticeships allow you to work in real work environment gaining relevant practical experience needed. Training is on-the-job which will help acquire capabilities required to be in the actual job, therefore you are learning in the same environment as you are working.
Great option for fresh pass outs and even school drop outs
School dropout rate increases as kids goes to higher classes. Apprenticeships are a great option for those aged 14-18 and having left school. Many will find themselves with no skills, experience, or training. Apprenticeship is the best platform available for these school drop outs to make a formal professional career as it helps them acquire capabilities, skills and experience to become employable in the working world.
No Cost
There isn’t a cost involved in taking up apprenticeship and does not require any fees to be paid for the training.
Range of Choice
Historically apprenticeships were for manufacturing industry, but today there is a wide range of subject, fields available to choose from. Therefore there is a high probability that you can undergo an apprenticeship in any career, functional area or industry you want to excel in.
Support available
Apprenticeship offers support and guidance in shaping up the skills of an individual and transforming into capabilities to become employable.
Anyone can become an apprentice
Any Indian who has attained a minimum age of 14 years, physically fit and not in full time education can become an apprenticeship.You need not have to undergo full time education to undergo an apprenticeship.
High wage premium and fast track career
Studies have shown that a skilled worker tends to earn about 40% in about 5-8 years of career as compared to a qualified worker. Being apprentice is an advantage to earn more and progress faster in career.
Cloud Campus for Apprenticeship
India’s First Vocational Skills University, TeamLease Skills University (TLSU) is co-located within the ITI Tarsali campus at Vadodara and is a PPP with Department of Labour and Employment, Government of Gujarat. Increasing level of unemployment complemented by a weak education and skill level made it imperative for us to set up a higher education institution that addresses the needs of all employers.
Note for Parents
Not all children have the same ability, capability, and aptitude, which should not discourage them to take up a profession of their choice. Rather than making compromises with their choice, encourage them to take up apprenticeship opportunities in their area of interest.
Apprenticeship enables your kid to develop skills which can make him/ her more employable.
An apprenticeship also assures minimum wages while one undergoes a learning process.
Even if your kid has been below average in studies or has dropped out he/she can take up an apprenticeship opportunity to learn the craft of doing a task and then getting into an employment.
If your child has discontinued studies due to monetary constraints, he/ she is still eligible to become an apprentice. They can earn while learning under apprenticeship.
We have a huge youth unemployment problem – vocational education and higher apprenticeships can address this issue and more importantly address the skills shortage.
Encourage your child to be an apprentice and earn with pride.
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